Accord has installed over nine thousand solar systems on the sunshine coast and a mass amount of those using the Sumec Phono.


Sumec Phono Panels

Sumec Phono Solar is owned by the Sinomach/Sumec Group of companies, Sinomach is number five on Forbes Riches companies and a Global Fortune 500 company (293). Phono Solar is the Renewable Energy arm of this diversified manufacturing conglomerate that has been manufacturing for the international market for over 40 years. Over 100,000 employees, with over 140 global offices and over $40 billion in net assets, the business group is truly an international performer.

Phono Solar is approved for installation in the Northern Territory and has been successfully installed in some of Australia’s harshest conditions. Phono Solar is the top performer in DNV-GL “thermal cycle testing”.

In locations like Alice Springs where there are very hot days followed up by very cold nights or in Melbourne where we can experience three seasons in one day, Phono Solar is a top performing panel for all Australian conditions!

With over 40 years of experience in managing and supporting after sales service, across hundreds of products distributed globally, this is truly an experienced manufacturing group who really is there for the long term with an Australian office and warranty back service.

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