The name SOLARWATT stands for photovoltaic systems of the highest quality, made in Germany. A quality of which we are convinced: That is why they offer extensive guarantees on our components. But independent experts are also convinced of our photovoltaic solutions: modules, battery, and energy management have been awarded numerous prestigious prizes.

Today, SOLARWATT is the market leader for innovative glass-glass modules and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power storage devices. But there is still a lot to do. I invite you to join us in taking a small step towards a better future. With your solar system solutions from SOLARWATT.

With a product and performance guarantee of 30 years, SOLARWATT ensures constant high yields and thus a carefree energy future. Solarwatt also provides a 10-year performance guarantee for our battery, exceeding the statutory provisions by five-times. A true plus for our customers, society, and our planet.

a solar panel

To underline their confidence in the products, Solarwatt provides a 30-year product and performance guarantee on all glass-glass modules. After 30 years, our modules are guaranteed to still hold at least 87 % of their original performance. If damage occurs and repair cannot be carried out on-site, we replace the modules with new ones – always using the latest version, of course. The exchange is just as free of charge as the transport, which solarwatt naturally takes care of. In the event of a guarantee claim, owners of SOLARWATT systems incur as little effort as possible. Solarwatt guarantee that your battery will last at least 10 years – and then still hold 80% or more of its original storage capacity. With no limitation to the number of charge cycles.

Of all the components of a photovoltaic system, the modules are most exposed to environmental stress. Temperature differences of 50 ° Celsius and more, pressure loads from wind and snow, UV radiation, and aggressive gases can damage the delicate solar cells.

Therefore they rely on glass-glass technology for their modules. Ordinary modules have only a plastic foil on the back. Once this flimsy barrier has been damaged, the modules lose their performance drastically or no longer function at all. They, therefore, enclose the cells in resilient glass from both sides.

The central advantage lies in the material properties: glass does not age. It is weather- and UV-resistant and can dissipate pressure loads evenly. The specially hardened glass withstands large hailstones and even the blows of a hammer.

To get a complete understanding of the lengths Solarwatt has gone to please see the attached documents and videos.


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