We only use the best quality panels, inverters and parts.

Best Quality Inverters with a 10 Year Warranty

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Inverters are the heart of your solar system as they play the important role of converting all that beautiful DC power from your panels into useful AC power your home can use.

They also are the second biggest investment in your system and are the most likely to fail.

We install only quality panels and we do stock a range of brands. Each situation is different so we match the most appropriate inverters to the applications and your budget.

Sungrow is the fastest growing manufacturer in the world and in the prestigious Photon tests, their equipment was rated as “A” grade. A 10-year warranty is included and they were rated first in recent independent tests as the world’s best inverter.


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Panels with a 25 Year Warranty

phono panelAccord Electrical is committed to not only using the highest quality panels and inverters in our solar installations but also top quality switchgear and cables so we can ensure the system’s reliability and your safety.

  • We have carefully selected our panel from a company that are the leaders in their fields and an eye on providing the best deals to you – our customers. All of the panels have 25-year performance warranties which ensure your product will be generating effectively for a long time.
  • Phono panels are a trusted, high-performance panel at a keen price. The manufacturer Phono is a publicly listed company, they are classified as Tier 1 module manufacturers by Bloomberg and they have been approved under the Australian Solar Council Positive Quality Program.
  • To become a Positive Quality Certified manufacturer Phono has to meet the requirements of a rigorous ongoing testing program to ensure its panels meet high-quality standards. Phono panels also come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Phono Panels
Phono Wins Best Panel Award
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This is the often forgotten but extremely important part that keeps your panels in the right place for decades to come. What most people forget is that when you live on the Sunny Coast (or anywhere near the ocean like Noosa, Coolum, Mooloolaba, and Caloundra) cheaper racking systems are far less likely to last.

The mounting system we use is Grace, a purpose-made product using only 304 stainless steel and anodised aluminum components. Certified for Australian conditions and complying with all relevant Australian Standards.

Our racking systems come with a 10 year warranty.

Switching & Cables

We use European made isolating switches from a German company, Kraus and Naimer, or IMO which are manufactured in Austria. These are top quality products and are highly unlikely to have safety or recall problems like other cheaper versions, particularly Chinese manufactured ones, have had in the past.

We even use the best solar cable in the world. Top of the range Swiss or Dutch made flexible cables specially designed for solar applications. Once again the best products on the market.


Over Two Million Installed Units – ZERO FAILURES

In solar installation, the DC isolator is like a vehicle air-bag. You never know it really works until you need it. So it’s good to know that the IMO SI has now surpassed two million installed units without a single recorded failure.

Not surprising considering the product carries all the most important approvals including UL508i, TUV (IEC 60947-1 & IEC 60947-3), CE and CCC. In fact, the IMO SI solar isolator has been tested by some of the most rigorous examiners and OEM manufacturers in the world, passing with flying colours every single time.

As ever, the SI range has a guaranteed arc suppression time of under 5mS, inbuilt arc cooling chambers, operator-independent switching mechanism, and Safe-Lock handle, making it one of the safest DC isolators available, no matter who uses it or how slowly they operate it.

Why take a risk on safety? Accord Insist on using nothing but the best. For added peace of mind, we give you a 5-year warranty. Keep Solar Safe

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