Are you interested in making the switch to solar energy? There’s never been a better time to start powering your home with clean, green energy from the sun, and Accord Electrical has a range of solar packages to suit any family.

Why are so many people choosing solar energy? Here at Accord Electrical, we think the answer is pretty clear. Not only is it far better for the environment than relying on fossil fuels, but it also saves you money. With an on-grid solar system package, you can power your home using free solar energy during the day. In the evening, you switch back to the main grid for your electricity needs.

If you choose to include solar battery storage in your solar panels package, you’ll be able to almost completely break free from electricity retailers and be entirely self-sufficient. Best of all, with government rebates, you can save plenty on a new solar installation.

If you’re ready to slash your energy bills and power your home with clean energy from the sun, it’s time to talk to your solar experts at Accord Electrical. With packages to suit any size household, we’ve got all of your solar energy needs covered.

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Which is the cheapest option in the solar packages available?

The cheapest of our solar packages is the Winning Solar Package. It’s suited more for a single person or a couple with low energy consumption. It’s important to consider your realistic solar energy needs, though. If you choose a solar system package that’s too small, you won’t get as much value from it. So, while the upfront cost is a little cheaper, it will likely mean you won’t enjoy the energy savings you potentially could with a larger system. 

Which would be the best package for a large family?

This depends on your existing energy consumption. Ideally, larger families should consider our Gold or Ultimate Solar Packages. These systems allow you to generate more solar energy, which means less reliance on the main electricity grid. When you consider solar system packages, it’s important to look at the overall capacity of the system to ensure you can generate enough solar to cope with high-consumption periods of the day.

How many solar cells are needed to power a house?

Typically, it isn’t just the solar cells that you need to consider. When we provide a solar consultation, we look at a range of factors, such as your existing and historical energy consumption. This gives us an idea of the system you need to power your home.

Every home is different, and importantly, uses energy at different times of day, which also affects how much solar energy you need. So, we take into consideration the number of solar panels you need, but also the inverter capacity to ensure you benefit fully from solar.

Do solar panels work at night?

While technology is always advancing, most common residential solar panels don’t work at night. Solar panels generate energy from the sun, so when there is no sun, your solar system is unlikely to produce energy. For example, on cloudy days, your system will still produce energy, but it will be less than it would on a bright, sunny day.

The best way to use solar at night is with battery storage. If you generate more energy when the sun is shining, that energy can be stored in a battery for use during the evenings. This practically eliminates your energy bills, as you only pay for power if you run out of stored solar energy.