Fronius inverters have really taken a leap in the last few years and have become our real favorite when installing any commercial or residential string inverter. Their quality is second to none, and their continued strength has long been proven by a company founded in Austria in 1945. Their reliability and quality shine through a large monitoring portal that enables Cus to do so. The three-phase Fronius Eco in power categories 25.0 and 27.0 kW perfectly meets all the requirements of large-scale installations. Thanks to its lightweight and SnapINverter mounting system, this transformerless device can be installed quickly and easily either
indoors or outdoors.

Fronius Eco

Fronius GEN24

Fronius has now also added the Gen 24 Hybrid inverters to their range, which is available in Primo (single-phase) and Symo (three-phase) which is a major move. The batteries are also higher voltage and the BYD Lithium batteries are compatible with all of these units. The Fronius GEN24 Plus is the all-in-one solution for solar energy supply. Whether it is used in photovoltaics, a storage system, backup power, heating or e-mobility, the Fronius GEN24 Plus offers a unique range of solutions and is therefore playing a pioneering role in the home energy revolution.

So what an inverter the Gen24 has backup power for when the grid goes down. You can have a Gen24,  5.0kW and add batteries to this and if the customer wants a bigger system you can add a snap  Primo 5.0 as well, to take it up to 10kW of AC inverters and then have the 13.3kW of PV total.

With the Gen24 if you add batteries at the time of install, you can oversize the PV array by 50%, you’re not limited by the 33% oversizing rule, as long as there is a battery.  So you can go to 7.5kW of PV on the Gen24 5.0KW. However, the Gen24 will only ever put out a max of 5kW. It can charge the battery and supply the loads at the same time, but a maximum of 5kW. See attached brochure on the Gen24.

Fronius GEN24 Symo

Fronius GEN24

With the 50% oversizing capability of the Gen24, this means a 5kW can have 7.5kW of PV connected to it and a 6kW Gen24 can have up to 9kW of PV panels connected. This is for when a battery is also being installed because otherwise, the CEC rule of only 33% oversizing applies. Please note that the Gen24 inverters maximum power output is what the spec label states, a 5kW model can only put out 5kW in total.

For Eg. With a 5kW Gen24 model, If the load in the house is 2kW and the battery also requires charging, the inverter can only charge the batteries at 3kW as the maximum power output of the inverter is 5kW.

Fronius Gen24 Primo Hybrid

Fronius Gen24 Primo hybrid

Five reasons why the GEN24 Plus all-in-one solution is the right choice for your applications.

    A free basic grid back-up (PV Point) is integrated in the GEN24 Plus as standard. The full backup option offers maximum
    Quick-release screws, push-in spring terminals and a straightforward wall mounting system make it easy to both
    install and service the hybrid inverter. The inverter is easy to commission using an app on a smartphone or tablet.
    Integrated energy management functions and open interfaces enable a maximum rate of self-consumption and self-supply
    for e-mobility and hot water.
    The integrated Multi Flow Technology not only enables simultaneous energy flows in all directions, but also the AC, DC and AC
    & DC coupling of the battery storage system. This results in a high self-consumption rate and flexibility in the system.
    A number of integrated features (back-up power, system and energy analysis tool, integrated Dynamic Peak Manager,
    energy management function, SuperFlex Design, etc.) eliminate unnecessary additional costs.
Fronius GEN24 PLU


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