globeThe future of all of our children and their children depends upon how we look after the environment now.

It seems self evident that human beings cannot live without clean air food and water and a stable climate yet we continue to pollute and destroy our environment at every turn.

With the extreme weather events experienced lately it is now evident to most people that climate change is a reality and the incidence of extreme weather events is likely to increase as the greenhouse effect continues to worsen. As most of us are now aware, it is beyond doubt that the major cause of the current warming is the burning of fossil fuels to produce energy.

Therefore, it is important that we offer choices that can help to minimise energy requirements and reduce the amount of fossil fuel use.


What We Do

Accord Electrical is committed to protecting the environment.

We are nett energy exporters –that is we produce more energy from our solar system than we use. We also reduce energy and resource use wherever we can. We offset our fleet and travel carbon emissions through Climate Friendly. We use Council recycling service for general recyclates and also employ a cardboard recycling service so that the large amount of cardboard packaging we encounter is not wasted, and we go to considerable lengths to source recycled stationery products wherever feasible. We also contribute to a number of environmental charities.

We choose only ethical and SRI superannuation funds such as Australian Ethical, Hunter Hall Global Deep Green and Global Ethical Trusts and Perpetual Ethical funds and  as our personal superannuation fund because they consider the triple bottom line – the economic, social and environmental outcomes – not economics alone. We also choose Australian Ethical Super as our default employer fund. There seems to be an assumption in the wider community that ethical funds do not perform very well economically but, in fact, ethical funds often perform as well or better than conventional super funds and consequently are growing rapidly in popularity. Why not check them out?

Give us a call on 07 5438 2382 for more information about how we can help you have a more positive impact on the environment.