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The team at Accord Electrical are highly experienced & qualified electricians specialising in domestic, commercial and industrial electrical services.

We provide premium quality electrical services to both commercial & residential customers including builders, body corporates, retirement villages, industry, holiday resorts, shops and home owners.

We are very flexible, offering either;

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Our Electrical Services


SOLAR PV SYSTEMS -We are your trusted, local solar guys with over 25 years experience on the Sunshine Coast. With a 25 year warranty on panels and 10 years on inverters and workmanship, you can be sure that you are in safe hands with Accord Electrical.


CEILING FANS – The most cost efficient way to keep yourself cool in summer. We can supply and install good quality ceiling fans at a competitive rate. Or you can source your own and we will install them for you. Did you know ceiling fans can also help you save money on heating bills in winter? Just click the little switch at the top to reverse the fan’s direction and you push the warm air down from the ceiling which will help keep you toasty.


SAFETY SWITCHES – These are essential for your family’s safety. They are now mandatory on all new homes and you should make sure you have them. Ideally, you should have a safety switch in every circuit for ultimate protection of electric shock.


CIRCUIT BREAKERS – protect your electrical wiring and equipment. They are the modern version of fuses and they reduce the risk of electrical fires.


LIGHTS – We can supply, and install or repair any lights you require, from fluorescents, spotlights and low voltage garden lights to sensors and the latest LED energy efficient lights. We also design systems and provide creative solutions that are aesthetically appealing as well as technically correct. Or We are only too happy to install lights that you supply, even those tricky chandeliers!


POWER POINTS – There are never enough or they are never quite where you need them. We supply and install power points at locations convenient for you and we can do weatherproof power outlets for you in the great outdoors. If your power point just needs repair – perhaps just a new switch mechanism – we can help you there too of course.


SMOKE DETECTORS – These are proven to save lives. In fact, without a smoke alarm your risk of dying in a house fire is 3 times greater. It is important that you have reliable protection and all our work complies with Australian Standard AS 3786. Hard wired photoelectric smoke detectors offer the best protection and these systems are wired directly into a dedicated circuit in your switchboard with a battery backup in case of power outages.


SURGE DIVERTERS – These will protect your valuable electrical appliances from voltage spikes like those caused by lightning. Installed in your switchboard they can protect all appliances on the circuits they are installed on. In some cases your insurance company may require you to have a surge diverter installed.


HOT WATER SERVICES – We can do the electrical component of your hot water system installation and we can coordinate with a plumber on your behalf if you like.


STOVES, COOKTOPS AND OVENS – We install these appliances in new buildings and if you are renovating, we can upgrade your existing system to comply with the latest AS 3000 electrical codes.


TARIFF 33 INSTALLATION – A great way to save money on your power bill and there are government incentives for controlling the operating hours on things like the pool, hot water, the second fridge and other things that don’t need to have power going to them all the time. Read more about Tariff 33 here.


3 PHASE POWER – If you have a big house, a big shed, loads of power hungry tools and appliances, a pottery kiln – any big power demand – you may benefit by upgrading to 3 phase power. Call us so we can review your situation and explain the potential advantages.


AIR CONDITIONING CIRCUITS – We have qualified technicians to install spilt air conditioners systems.


DATA CABLING – We are BRCA registered cablers so if you need data points – no worries.


WIRING TO WATER FEATURES, POOLS & SPAS – Water and electricity do not mix well and they can present a serious risk to you and your family if they are not installed correctly. If you’re considering a new water element in your garden, be it a pool, a fountain, a pond or a spa we can ensure the electrical components are safe and installed as per AS 3000 and AS 3136 electrical codes.



Not only is reducing your energy consumption good for the planet, it also good for your bank balance. At Accord, we have a considerable experience at undertaking energy audits and identifying where improvements can be made, together with analysis of payback periods. We consider a range of initiatives that include not just lighting and electrical modifications but we also review options for glazing, load shedding, insulation, air movement, equipment efficiency and landscaping. We also have the capacity to manage these projects and ensure outcomes achieve the desired results.

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