Solar Systems + Commercial Business = Perfect Partners

Most Commercial businesses operate during the daylight hours which allows them to take full advantage of solar energy. During the design stage, we tailor the system to suit your current circumstances and budget, yet still allows for expansion in the future. Our local customers have been overwhelmed with the huge savings and say their solar systems have been a great investment and in some cases, they have not delayed in upgrading with more panels.

Accord Electrical have installed solar power for businesses across the Sunshine Coast. We have operated here ourselves for 25+ years and we intend to be around for many more. For local businesses, this provides assurance that we will be there when you need us for all electrical and solar related works.

Our company philosophy is to provide you with the best value for money. As you know, someone may offer a product for a lower price but this usually means cheap materials, inexperienced labour or short cuts are taken. We offer competitive prices on quality materials installed by experienced tradesmen.

Here’s why you may want to consider solar for your business:

  • Fantastic ROI – up to 60% per annum
  • Claim GST in the next BAS
  • Big reduction in ongoing costs
  • Show your customers you’re environmental
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
solar panels on the roof
solar panels

Here’s how it works and why it’s such a great investment


  • Electricity prices are around 22.5 cents per kilowatt.
  • Quarterly bill of $1600 (not operating on weekends)
  • Cost of a 12.5 kilowatt solar power system is $12,990 (ABB Inverter and 50 solar Panels)

This equates to a saving of 30% from the cost price = $3900
Now also deduct 10% GST off your next BAS statement = $900

Net expense for the system: $8200

With estimated savings of $1,000 per quarter or $4,000 per annum.


This is just one great example. Contact Accord for a tailor made system to suit your specific needs.

commercial solar
accord brochure


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