Batteries and clearing up the can and can’t does with inverters Enphase battery

Let’s discuss the Fronius Primo and Symo for example they are not hybrid inverters. They are grid-connected inverters the same as Sungrow SG5k-D etc.

The only way you can have a battery added to these inverters at a later date is with an A/C coupled battery such as Tesla which has its own inverters inbuilt into the battery. They are considered another grid connection rated at what the battery inverter capacity is.

So, with a tesla, it is considered another 5kW connection at the premise.

The exception to this is the Solarwatt batteries which can be connected to a grid connect inverter but have no backup capability.

These options don’t allow for additional panels.

Hybrid inverters however allow for batteries to be directly connected to the inverter. This is D/C coupled and when the battery is added, more panels can also be added with STCs claimable.

It provides a single conversion point for all incoming and outgoing power flows, has backup, and is considered more efficient as the power conversion all occur at a single point.

Example Enphase micro Inverters, Sungrow hybrid single-phase and three-phase inverter, Fronius hybrid single-phase and three-phase inverters, etc.

A/C coupled systems can go on any existing solar system, but they are considered a secondary system with a secondary conversion point. This is generally how others suggest that a battery can be connected at a later date, but the difference is, it is a completely separate system with a new connection to the grid.


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